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    Genuine Gems Square Cabochon Amethyst rings valentine day gift

    Amethyst Genuine Gems handcrafted Ring- Solid Silver Purple Amethyst Ring - Amethyst Ring, Solid Silver, Purple, girls jewelry, Gems ring, valentine's day gift, personalized jewelry, highest selling shops, Ring girls jewelry, Amethyst Genuine Gems, Ring gift for teacher's day **** Amethyst is fashioned in a number of different ways. It is faceted or polished into a cabochon for rings, pendants, earrings and cuff links. It may be carved into violet petals for a pendant or earrings or into a cl uster of grapes for a brooch. Beads of amethyst are strung in vario us lengths, sometimes polished, sometimes not. They may be combined with gold beads, pearls, rock crystal or other colored stone beads. Amethysts look especially rich when set in gold and accented with diamonds.